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Phantom Stories, As Promised!

    Okay, so there aren't actually any Phantom stories on this page. There aren't even any very good stories. But there will be later!Actually, I just realized while typing up some of the stories that they were "not appropriate" for a school web page, and have chosen to leave the "really good stuff" for later. Really, the work here isn't that bad, it's just some poetry that I came up with. I'm told that it's pretty good. So there you are, and here it is.

Nurture (originally written 9-17-00, revised 5-25-01)
Here are my arms around you.
I hope they feel beautiful to you
For they are more than just my arms.
Right now embracing you are all my prayers.
Right now my soul touches you softly,
And my morals and my past experiences caress you.
My arms are warm because they are love,
Love wrapped in flesh
So that you have something to hold onto.
I have hands so that I might better stroke you,
So that some part of me
Can remind you of the rhythmn of my heart.
My heart is slow and gentle
Like an aged horse sitting beneath the trees beside the lake.
The lake is slow.
So is my breathing.
I told you that your tears would stop.
And now you're already letting me wipe your eyes.
Fix your makeup; your face is lovely.
And I will walk you to the door.
The sky is still blue out here.
Never take that for granted.
If you need to speak to me again, I'll be here.
You never have to apologize to me. This is love.
Don't ever feel sorry for recieving love,
When my heart beats with you,
My own soul is healed.
My old tears are remembered, and they more completely subside;
Old wounds are opened, and less scars remain. . .
So thank you.
Your tears are precious to me.
They were a part of your soul.
And your soul is beautiful.
--Morgan H.

That's all for now, kids.

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