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A Page With Nothing On It

Here you are.
While you are here, here is a brief explaination of a few weird school-set rules that affect my site.

1. Why are there, like, 5 icons on a page? -- Because we had a minimum number of icons we had to use to get a good grade. Most of them on here are useless. The same goes for that idiotic scrolling text.

2. Was there ever anything useful in this space? -- As to useful, that's not the word I'd use, but there was a personal section I was required to do, which included photographs of myself. Yeah, like I want any freak who can type the word "yahoo" to find out my personal information. I deleted the section as soon as my web page "hit the big time".

3. Why do so few people look at your site? -- Because you haven't done a good enough job of telling your friends about this page. Also, as best I can understand, about 90% of all internet activity involves Brittney Spears or Backstreet Boys sites, and I have no affiliation (thank God!) with either.

4. Why does your webpage suck (I mean, why no good graphics)? -- Because I had to do it HTML with no help, and I only have so much time. Good graphics take too much effort when you're programming.