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End Jacking Off

Yes, I now have the power to end jacking off, that abominable yet damn fun act that parents, institutions, and even entire religions have been trying to stop for centuries! My solution is simple: distraction. So, in the intrest of the world, I have created this very simply game, which uses the word JACK exactly 14 times. The premise is simple, as we all know that masturbating causes mental deficiency. Simply try to name all the "Jack"'s used in the game, then look at the answers, to see how well you did. But be careful! The pictures move very quickly, especially hard since you are going blind.

You have my word, it is impossible to jack off during this game, if you want to play it effectively. By the way - click on the answers as soon as you see the title again. Watching the movie twice in a row is cheating. Besides, doing it too much might cause blisters.