Morgan's Mysterious Musings
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Morgan's Mysterious Musings

"The web page that started as a school assignment but then hit 'The Big Time'!"

Don't Like the Selection Here? Try the Newer, Better Page at Morgan's Mo Fo of a Page!
Repeat costumers among you may realize that the intro has changed. During its year+ of construction, this web page had a inticing intro:

"This page is currently under construction, but hey, you don't want to see it. Really. I swear to you. You want to know how ugly it is? You remember that scene in Lon Chaney's The Phantom of the Opera where the girl takes his mask off and screams? That's about how bad my page is. Think about it."

But that's no longer the idea of this page. This page is about "The Big Time". From a Big story about what would happen if the Phantom of the Opera were gay, to a Big ad you can print out to GUARANTEE yourself a date to Prom, to a Big list of cleverly described obscure films, to a Big animated greeting card with my favorite stuffed animal, accessible only through a secret link . . . this page is ready for "The Big Time".

I don't know what "The Big Time" is, or why I put quotation marks around it, but I know I'm finally there. Enjoy!

Here are the sections of the web page, divided into a neat little table:

Movies you Never Saw But Should Have
The Most Forgettable Movies of All Time
Ramblings About The Phantom of the Opera
A Special Page Which Does Nothing
NEW! Teaser for the Upcoming Force Tron Series
How to Get a Date to Prom
Useless Fact O' The Week
The Geocities Version of This Page

Unfortunately, though, now that my page has hit "The Big Time", I have decided that HTML programming is ultimately too clunky and time-consuming for what I want. I am now re-making and revising the page on Geocities, accessible in its simplest form by the link in the above table. Please visit.

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