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The Only Truly Original Phan Fiction About The Phantom Written This Year

Pay attention to the wording . . .

By Morgan G.

     "I can still remember those days . . . That first and final time in my life when I was loved for myself. Those days when a beautiful woman, instead of recoiling from me, kissed my forehead, and held my hand. My heart of ice was broken in those days, brought into a glorious Summertime. And it is still broken. Now I am alone. But my heart remains open.
     Truly, she was an instrument of God . . .
     The darkness is still all around me, but it cannot make its way into my soul. It is as though I am on fire - as though I am . . . flaming; it is as though there is a light radiating from me that pushes back the blackness. But the fire does not harm me.
     Her perfume still lingers in the air. There are still footprints from her outside . . .
     As well as Raoul's. I remember him just as well as I remember Christine. That attractive young man. A little young and naive, but so enthusiastic in his love. God, I wish I could be loved like that. They probably lay together now, Raoul showing Christine all the tenderness that I would have. I am tempted to envy them, but I don't. I wanted them to be happy, and if I couldn't love Christine in the way she needed to be loved, or give her the life that she deserved, I couldn't think of a better man than Raoul to love in my place. He really is a good man.
     Ah, memories. There were so many beautiful people in my life in those times. Christine. Raoul. . .      . . . . . .
     . . . I'm sure there are more, but that's all that come to mind.      Still, it was a good time. It was an adventure, and I do not regret it."
     The Phantom paced by the lake, his thoughts still deep in his mind. They uplifted him. His mind was filled with joy, and for once, he didn't see himself as suffering. He was so involved, in fact, that he didn't notice the beautiful figure rowing across the lake.
     "Erik!" a feminine voice called out.
     Erik (the Phantom) knew who it was immediately. Without any restraint, he joyfully called out, "Raoul!"
     Raoul leapt out of the boat and waded through the shallow sewage.
     Erik walked out to him and embraced him.
     "Erik! I missed you so much! I couldn't stop thinking about you!"
     "Thanks for not holding all of that 'I'm going to kill you if I can't marry your wife' stuff against me. It wasn't very proper, now that I think about it," mused Erik.
     "Oh, that? Everyone goes through that phase, Erik."
     "Really? I didn't think about that. So how have things gone with Christine?"
     "Well . . . um . . . she's great, but . . . I couldn't stop thinking about you, so I had to come back . . . I . . . um . . . "
     "Don't be afraid to let your feelings come out," said Erik.
     Raoul blushed. "She's kind of angry with me right now. I got distracted and called out your name."
     "Really?" said Erik. "I'm sure she'll forgive you. How can she look at that face and not forgive you? But . . . why?"
     "It's just that . . . I'm so jealous of her! I want to be stalked! I want to be kidnapped and brought underground. Why can't people fight over me?
     "Don't worry, they will someday, Raoul," replied Erik. After thinking a moment, he smiled. "Why don't I speed up the process, though?"
     Raoul beamed.
     "Okay, here we go," said Erik, holding out his arms.
     Raoul pretended to faint, and the Phantom took him up into his slender arms. He held Raoul close to him, the way he had held Christine . . . yet somehow more satisfyingly . . . and walked through the door.
     "Night-time sharpens, height-ens each sensation . . . " the Phantom sang. He pressed his face close to Raoul's.
     "Oh Erik," Raoul sighed, "thank you."
     And they walked this way, into the darkness. But the darkness did not touch them. It was as though they were on fire. It was as though . . . they were flaming.

THE END. By Morgan G.