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(read this) As a self-acclaimed Phantom-obsessed. . . person. . ., I have found that the internet is filled with countless "phan fictions" -- fictional stories about the phantom, which are all, best of my knowledge, written by novices. These always center on some "what if" situation: "what if the Phantom and Christine slept together?" "what if she had a child?" Basically, every possibility for what might happen in the story has been done. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I read a story tomorrow about "what would happen if monkeys flew out of the Phantom's butt?"

Except, there is one possibility that I have not seen explored: "What if the Phantom of the Opera was gay?"

To get the best result on this story, find a really flaming actor with an operatic voice. And don't read it unless you know who Christine, Raoul, and the Phantom are.

Enter his world

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